Thank you for your interest in raising crucial funds for DEMCARES (a non-profit Dementia resource and service organization).

While many people who want to make a difference to Dementia care in India may not be able to sponsor or donate themselves, we greatly appreciate their interest in raising funds/enlisting sponsors on our behalf. If you are one such individual, know that we are deeply grateful for your generosity. In return for your invaluable support, we guarantee that we will work doubly hard to provide the best care and support for persons with dementia and their families across India.


If you have already raised funds and would like to donate, please click here.

If you are looking to start now, you may consider these options –

  1. fundraising through a sponsor (links)
  2. crowdfunding (links)

If you have better ideas, feel free to go about in the way that you feel is best!

Once again, thank you for your support.

Disclaimer: Any individual undertaking fundraising activities in aid of DEMCARES/SCARF are doing so at their own risk. DEMCARES/SCARF do not accept any responsibility in this regard. Please ensure to understand the specific processes and risks involved in fundraising before undertaking


DEMCARES is the first of its kind research, clinical and training resource for Dementia support in India. As a non-profit organization, our foremost objective is to maximize accessibility of resources and services to a wide network of people who are in dire need of the same.Thus, most of our services are nominally priced while some are even delivered free of cost!

The nature of our work is such that we are only able to develop and provide these services as long as we are being funded by our grants and sponsors. Some of our vital, upcoming goals are to –

  • develop a Dementia resource network across India
  • provide exceptional care to those suffering from the illness
  • provide unmatched support to family caregivers
  • train professional caregivers on delivering the best care
  • further research in improving our understanding of the illness
  • educate and raise awareness in order to destigmatize, and demystify Dementia in the mind of the public

As of now, DEMCARES is fully funded for 2 years by the Infosys Foundation. In the meantime, we are constantly looking to improve and extend our services beyond what we first envisioned based on the continued responses and valuable feedback we have received from those who avail of these services. For our continued presence and increased scope, we will be grateful for generous donations from those who believe in our ability to make a difference.

Even your modest donations can make a big difference to someone. Thank you for your interest and support.


DEMCARES is trying to establish a nation-wide resource and support network for Dementia care in India. If you know of anyone who is –

  1. in need of appropriate treatment and clinical services
  2. in need of information and support on caring for someone with dementia
  3. interested in contributing to research
  4. interested in collaborating with our services
  5. interested in donating, fundraising
  6. interested in helping us better our services

please contact us here, or share your knowledge of our project with them using this link (link). Spread the word!