Evaluating Effectiveness of Training Programs

Once the training’s programs are developed and launched, follow-up will be conducted in order to measure impact of the program on a range of outcomes among target populations including family caregivers (awareness raising, attitude changing, confidence-building, reducing burden, preventing mental health morbidity and general quality of life of life), home-care professionals and nurses (capacity-building, confidence-building, skills training) etc.

To assess the cost of running and participating in a caregiver training program.

Measuring Prospective Costs of Caring for a Person with Dementia

A longitudinal study aimed at identifying the financial, emotional and social cost of caring for someone with dementia will be conducted on a cohort of caregivers over a period of time. Impact of these costs will be measured on outcomes such as caregiver mental health, burden etc. It is hoped that findings from this research will impact and inform policy-making on dementia care in India.

Annual Conferences

To be held in Chennai to bring together various partners involved in this project, to disseminate the work carried out, to foster more partnerships, and to generate more ideas to improve dementia care in Chennai.